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Hey Everyone, Guess What? We Have Yet Another Online Presence !

Posted on January 31, 2011 at 6:28 PM

Come by and visit us on our new "Blogspot" blog page,

I created this in a effort to give "The Pagan Heretic" website yet another online presence that is not tied down to the "" hosting services, don't get me wrong is pretty awesome... I'm just trying to give this site another outlet to maybe try and get the word out about this site and to help recruit membership.

Also, I am using the new "blogspot" page to showcase some of my older writing pieces on Paganism and Religion, in an effort to clean up the "About Me" section of this website, so instead of posting several different links that direct you to my older writings on my personal blog...which I still have..I just don't actively use my myspace anymore since it's recent changes....instead I can post just one link that being this new blogspot blog and it will have a collection of all the writings there that I feel are still relevant in attempting to get to know more about me and my religious beliefs.

I will update that blog and this site as time allows and I have something of relevance to say, just waiting for the muse to strike. Also, I'm still wishing I could get more traffic and active membership, In previous communications i've stated how i've tried to activly adverise as best I can, submitting the URL to such searcg engines as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Creating a Twitter account for the website. And creating "Fan" and "Group" Pages on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, and now of course a Blogspot blog page.

I guess, I am just waiting for our luck to change and for this lovely site of ours to become relevant and we get a lot of traffic and participation. I anxiously await that day. Until then though, If you know of anyone who may benefit from this site then send em' a link and direct them towards us.

Also, if you have a blog page then pop on over to our new sister page

and follow us/friend us whatever it is called, comment on our blog postings and help to facilitate a discussion.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your participation

Be Blessed!

The "Pagan Heretic" Himself --- Paul.

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