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Is anyone still out there?

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 12:30 AM


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Reply Paul
12:57 PM on April 21, 2014 
Hello and Greetings!

I am not sure how many people still check this site or if it was forgotten about. I didn't forget about it but just have not had anything new to add. I still hold my beliefs but in recent years have shifted to non-practicing. Debating politics and working full time have taken up a lot of my time, plus attempting to be a micro farmer and plant vegetable gardens and have our own chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

I didn't know how to get people interrested. I advertised on my personal facebook. On myspace when it was still a thing. On when i had an active account there. Made a youtube video advertising it. And when facebook still had groups and fan pages that were easy to get to I had those to. I made a blogspot blog. And had a twitter.

My witchvox account was unpublished for inactivity, I re-established it and updated it. This was spurned by talking to people on an gamesite I play on which is political themed about a recent article on CNN's relgion blog that dipicted paganism negatively. I went to look over my resources as I have not debated the history or merits of paganism in some years and I was saddened to see that many of the resources I valued and helped me start out between late 2005-2010 no longer existed on the internet. File den where I had my BoS posted to no longer exists so I lost that, as the computer I had the file saved on got fried many years ago during a severe storm. MaidenMoon a free wicca 101 style e-book the website mantained by the author no longer exists. I had a copy uploaded again to file den. Luckily I googled it and others had it uploaded on sites such as scribd so I resaved it. Wicca Explained a site maintained by pagans I met on myspace years ago no longer exists, as well as Wicca For The Rest of us, a traditional non-ecclectic approach to teaching.

I can't get to work either which had a good explaination of the wheel of the year and the holidays.

It really depresses me to know a lot of the good resources no longer exist. Maybe in 2014 it is no longer fashionable to maintain sites or it is no longer popular to seek to study and learn from and understand paganism. In the instant gratification world of smartphones, twitter, and facebook pages, maybe there is not a need for dedicated sites. Especially the sites such as mine that simply direct those interrested to resources to learn from.

I know not everyone understands paganism, and they think we are weird or misguided or simply rebelling. But I wish the resources still existed to show people we have sincerely held beliefs, and though we may think differently and though not everyone still actively practices their fath or path all we want to do is live in harmony with one another and the earth. And to worship or not worship the unexplainable divine as best as we can. The first part of understanding is learning. And jt saddens me there are less learning opportunities available in todays instant information society.

I would really like to get this site up and running again. And provide up to date resources. And network with like minded or even different minded indivduals.

Comparative religion studies has not been my main hobby in quite some time. But that doesnt mean one should stop learning or processing new information or refsmilarize oneself with older forgotten information.

I just don't know how to do it.

If anyone is still interrested and has ideas. Please let me know.