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Do You need Prayer/Spell Requests for Protection, Healing, or any other reasonable request? put it here and the members will pray to the gods and the goddesses approprately on your behalf.

unemployed - homeless- suicidal

over a year ago by Faith Marie Pray for me
(written Monday 12.23.13) My Unemployment Insurance is due to expire 12.28.13; my SNAP benefits now cut down to $29/month (really!). I've been homeless since 10.21.13, sleeping on CTA buses/trains for 5 weeks, then since 11.24.13, an acquaintance took me in to her home, but now wants me out ASAP. I've NO family/friends to turn to for help. I'm deeply depressed because of all this. All I need is a great job and my own wonderful apartment. Please pray super hard for me, or perform a ritual/spell or two for me. I want to live and be happy again. Thank you! May Neteru Bless You! ♥

Mother has Dementia

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Will you please pray for my mother? She is only 58 years old and has what the doctors believe to be some form of Dementia. She has been experiencing psychosis, paranoia, and is very depressed.


over a year ago by Raye Pray for me
Please pray that I get the job I interviewed for. I have been unemployed for over a year. Please pray that Ben finds gainful employment soon. Thank you and blessed be.