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List and links to information about some of the most popular Neo-Pagan Holidays and festivities.

Wheel Of The Year:

"Wheel Of The Year" on Wikipedia.

Wiccans and most other Neo-Pagans celebrate 8 holidays or sabbats, these holidays are set on quarter and cross quarter days of the year to sync up with the yearly seasonal change. If I am not mistaken in my research and studies 4 of these holidays have been adapted from earlier festivities of the Celtic people. Samhain being the most popular of these, as Samhain directly translates from Gaelic to mean "Summer's End" and means "November" in Traditional Irish. The Celts used that holiday to ring in the new year because to them Samhain symbolized the end of the former year and a starting of a new. The Other 4 holidays are said to have been adapted from the Norse/Germanic people. The major one being Yule which is celebrated on the Winter Solstice. The Wicca also have put their own spin on the adaptation of these 8 sabbats, not only are they about celebrating the seasonal changes they also have a higher religious significance. On these holidays we can track the physical state of the Horned God of Wicca, On the Summer Solstice/Litha the God is said to be at his peak, this is reflected by the Sun, as it is the longest day of the year, from that point forward the God starts to wane and to lose his virility and power as the seasons progress until his death at Samhain, but never fear he will be reborn again at Yule and the cycle will continue.

The website "Wicca Explained" has a nice page with a brief explanation of each of these holidays:

The Wheel Of The Year Explained on "Wicca Explained"

The Site "Wicca: For The Rest Of Us" also has a page explaining the Wiccan/Neo-Pagan "Wheel Of The Year":

Sabbats on "Wicca For The Rest Of Us"

MaidenMoon The Free PDF E-Book "MaidenMoon" also talks about the sabbats in an easy and humorous way that can be understood.

Also Check out: Holidays by Akasha on has a very nice description of the holidays.


PaganWiccan.About.Com also contains information on the holidays, as well as "The Witches Voice" Witchvox Website, Wikipedia will have entries on it as well if you require further information.

For More Information  or if you'd rather hold a physical book in your hands then try these:

"Sabbats" Edain McCoy

"Sabbat Entertaining" Willow Polson


"Halloween" SilverRavenwolf

"Witches Halloween" Gerina Dunwich

 Yule/Winter Solstice:

"Pagan Christmas" Christian Rätsch/Claudia Müller-Ebeling

"Yule" Dorothy Morrison


"Candlemas" Amber K

Ostara/Spring Equinox:

"Ostara" Edain McCoy


"Beltane" Raven Grimassi

Summer Solstice/Litha/Midsummer:

"Midsummer" Anna Franklin


"Lammas" Anna Franklin/Paul Mason

Mabon/Autumn Equinox:

"Autumn Equinox" Ellen Dugan

Also, Be Sure to Check out the Euro-Pagan Calander (It was compiled for the 2008 calander year) I know, I know, 2010 looms over us, but it still gives you a pretty good comprehensive idea of the other Neo-Pagan Holidays being celebrated as it encompasses Asatru and the Hellenic, and Druid/Celtic holidays are represented:

The Euro-Pagan Calander Provided on the "mookychick" website.

The Holidays Of Asatru:

Other Pagan religious groups may also celebate holidays not associated with the Wiccan/Neo-Pagan Wheel of The Year, Asatru is one such example.

The Following is the List of Asatru Holidays as provided from Asatru.Org:

January (Snowmoon):

3rd, Charming of the Plow:
9th, Day of Remembrance for Raud the Strong:
14th, Thorrablot: 

February (Horning):

2nd, Barri:

9th, Day of Remembrance for Eyvind Kinnrifi:

14th, Feast of Vali: 

March (Lenting):

9th, Day of Remembrance for Oliver the Martyr:

15th, High Feast of Ostara:

28th, Ragnar Lodbrok Day: 

April (Ostara):

9th, Day of Remembrance for Jarl Hakon of Norway:

15th, Sigrblot/Sumarsdag:

22nd, Yggdrasil Day: 

30th, Walburg: this is better known as Walpurgisnacht or May Eve.

May (Merrymoon):

1st, May Day:

9th, Day of Remembrance for Guthroth:

20th, Frigga Blot: 

June (Midyear):

8th, Lindisfarne Day:

9th, Day of Remembrance for Sigurd the Volsung:

19th, Asatru Alliance Founding Day:

21st, Midsummer:

July (Haymoon):

4th, Founder’s Day:

9th - Day of Remembrance for Unn the Deep Minded:

29th - Stikklestad Day:

August (Harvest):

9th,  Day of Remembrance for Radbod:

19th, Freyfaxi: 

September (Shedding):

9th, Day of Remembrance for Herman of the Cherusci:

23rd - Winter Finding: The Fall Equinox; 

October (Hunting):

8th - Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red:

9th - Day of Remembrance for Leif Erikson:

14th - Winter Nights/Vetrablot:

November (Fogmoon):

9th - Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden:

11th - Feast of the Einherjar:

23rd - Feast of Ullr:

December (Yule):

9th - Day of Remembrance for Egil Skallagrimsson:

21st - Mother Night:

22nd - High Feast of Yule - Beginning of Runic Year:

31st - Twelfth Night:

For Information and futher discriptions of these Asatru sabbats Visit these sites:

Holiday descriptions on Asatru.Org

Asatru celebrations from Heathfrye.Com

Asatru Holidays on wikipedia

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