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Links Of Interests:

The "Witches Voice" Website Neo-Pagan/Heathen NetworkingUnity of Witchcraft

 Unity of Witchcraft




Wicca/Witchcraft Links:

MaidenMoon an "Advanced" Wicca 101 Free E-Book.

Wicca Explained (No longer exists)

Wicca: For The Rest Of Us

Wicca Entry On Wikipedia

Gerald Gardner Entry On Wikipedia

Witchcraft Entry On Wikipedia

The Cauldron

The Wiccan/Pagan Times

White Dragon Magizine.


The Wiccan Church Of Canada FAQ

Tangled Moon Coven

Beaufort's House

Church Of Universal Eclectic Wicca

The Covenant Of Winters End (An Alexandrian Tradition)

Information On Wiccan "style" Circle Casting (Children Of Artemis)


(Some of these links have been copied from the Wicca Explained and Wicca For The Rest Of Us Websites.)

Asatru/Norse/Germanic Paganism Links:


Asatru Folk Assembly

The prose Edda

Facts & Figures The Norse Way (Oh, and Definitions too.)

The Nine Noble Virtues Explained

The "Havamal" Online.

 Norse Mythology On Wikipedia

Yggdrasil On Wikipedia

Nine Noble Virtues On Wikipedia

Ragnarok On Wikipedia

The Poetic Edda's On Wikipedia

Aesir on Wikipedia

Vanir On Wikipedia

Odin On Wikipedia

Thor On Wikipedia

Mjollnir On Wikipedia

Loki On wikipedia

Sleipnir On Wikipedia

The Runes On Wikipedia

Rune Meanings

Germanic Neo-Paganism On Wikipedia

Odinism On PaganLibrary

The Odinic Rite

List Of Germanic Deities And Heroes On Wikipedia

Gods and Goddesses Of Norse Mythology Presented by; (More Gods Than You Can Shake A Stick At!)

General Pagan/Neo-Pagan Links:

Paganism On "All About Spirituality"

The Caldron (New To Paganism?)

Paganism On Religious Tolerance.Org

Paganism on Wikipedia

Neo-Paganism On Wikipedia

Pagan Pride

The Pagan Federation International

Association Of United Pagans

C.U.U.Ps Covenant Of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

C.U.U.Ps On Wikipedia

Circle Sanctuary


The Wild Hunt - Modern Paganism Blog

St. Johns Unitarian Universalist Church's C.U.U.Ps Chapter

Alternative Spirituality/Other Links:

Reiki On Wikipedia

Reiki.Org FAQ

Hinduism On Wikipedia

Hinduism For Beginners

Bhagavad Gita On Wikipedia

Buddhism On Wikipedia

Buddhism On Religious Tolerance.Org

Dharma On Wikipedia

Dharma (Buddhism) On Wikipedia

Karma On Wikipedia

The Tarot On Wikipedia

Occultism On Wikipedia

Mysticism On Wikipedia

Gnosticism On Wikipedia


The Kybalion (Kabalion) Presented By: Gnostic.Org

The Pagan Origins Of "Christian Mythology"

Parallels between Christianity and ancient Pagan religions On Religious Tolerance.Org

The Kabbalah On Wikipedia

Christian Mysticism On Wikipedia

What Is Christian Mysticism?

Think Unity/ Christian Mystics



























Books Of Interests:

Recommended Reading for further informational/studying purposes.

"Witchcraft Today" Gerald Gardner

"The Truth About Witchcraft Today" Scott Cunningham

"Sons Of The Goddess" Christopher Penzcak

"The Temple Of Witchcraft" Series By: Christopher Penzcak

"The Witches Shield" Christopher Penzcak

"The Magick Of Reiki" Christopher Penckaz

"Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" Scott Cunningham

 "Earth, Air, Fire, Water" Scott Cunnigham

 "Living Wicca" Scott Cunningham

"Complete Book of Witchcraft" Raymond Buckland

"Practical Candle Burning Rituals" Raymond Buckland

"Signs, Symbols, And Omens" Raymond Buckland

"Full Contact Magick" Kerr Cuhulain

 "Wiccan Warrior" Kerr Cuhulain

"Spiritual Mentoring" Judy Harrow

"True Magick" Amber K.

"Coven Craft" Amber K.

"The Pagan Man" Issac Bonewits

"Wiccan Prayer Book" Mark Ventimiglia

"Wicca For Couples" A.J. Drew

"Spiral Dance" Starhawk

 "Fifty Years of Wicca" Fred Lamond

"Witchcraft For Tomorrow" Doreen Valiente

"Charge Of The Goddess" Doreen Valiente

"Principles Of Wicca" Vivianne Crowley

"Circle of Fire: The Symbolism & Practices of Wiccan Ritual" Sorita D'Este/David Rankine

"Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magickal Herbs" Scott Cunningham

"Complete Idiots Guide To World Religion"

"The Other Bible" Willis Barnstone

"Norse Mythology" John Lindow

"Essential Asatru" Diana Paxson/Issac Bonewits

"Living Asatru" Greg Shetler

"Beowulf" Seamus Heaney (Translator)

 "The Pagan Christ: Is Blind Faith Killing Christianity?" Tom Harpur

"Theurgy Or; The Hermetic Practice"

"Essential Reiki" Diane Stein

 The Occult Christ: Hidden and Mystical Secrets of Christianity by: Ted Andrews


 (Anyone have any other suggestions for links or books that have not been mentioned E-mail me with a link and I'll Be sure To Check Them Out.)





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Book Of Shadows:

A Link to my personal BoS (Book Of Shadows).

 BoS Provided online via Mediafire: BoS

(yes, unfortunately this is a word document and has to be opened to view it, sorry.)


(This Was Something that I created around the time I left mainstream Christianity and started seeking. I Had *and Still have* an Admiration for The Teachings Of The Christ, But Not sure which path was right for me. I haven't updated this is some years. and really the only reason I still include it is for some kind of posterity. So that the reader can see how my beliefs have evolved through the years. and also to see maybe how they have also stayed the same. So This Is where I started, Hopefully you Will read it and then see just how far it is I have came. Thank You. and ~Namaste. )